Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Horse Trailer - Washington to Arizona

We delivered this two-horse trailer to the new owner in Tucson, AZ on August 12 from Seattle, WA. Very nice, well built trailer, tows like a dream empty, and I'll bet it will do the same loaded.


X-ray mobile - Louisiana to Canadian border

This mobile X-ray trailer was purchased by a Doctor of Emergency Medicine for use at a ski lodge in Canada. We picked it up in Louisiana and delivered it to the Canadian Border on August 9. Because it is a radiation source, it couldn't be taken into Canada until it was inspected and approved (a three-day process).

One thing about picking things up in Louisiana: the catfish and shrimp prepared in Cajun restaurants is to die for. I'm sure we put on 10 pounds just passing through.

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Airstream trailer - New Mexico to California

A nice older Airstream trailer going to its new home in Los Angeles from New Mexico for a mid-July delivery. This nice family will be using it to live in while renovating their home. Later, they plan on touring in it.


Cargo Trailer - Oklahoma to Arizona

We picked this full cargo trailer up in Oklahoma at the end of June. The owner had lost a wheel and didn't have time to wait for repairs. They called Rofran and we transported it the rest of the way to its new home in Arizona.