Friday, October 31, 2008

Pace snowmobile trailer – Cedar City, UT to Carter, MT

We picked up this new 26' Pace snowmobile trailer from Jolley's Trailer Sales in Cedar City, UT for delivery to Carter, MT. (If you want a great deal on a trailer check them out 435-867-1990, talk to Danny, he will save you money ... I know: I've bought 3 trailers from him myself.)

The couple we delivered it to were going to use it while moving to Alaska. They had made a deal with the Alaskan owner to deliver the trailer the rest of the way for free, as long as they could transport their belongings in the trailer, a sweet deal for both parties. From what they told me, its hard to find trailers in Alaska, so when people can find someone going up, they try to get them to transport a trailer.



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