Friday, October 31, 2008

Welcome to Rofran Transport!

Note:  We are currently "retired" and are no longer hauling, but thanks for your interest!

We're a Mom and Pop operation, retired and doing this in order to get out of our rocking chairs and off the porch! The photo above shows us with our 30-foot fifth wheel trailer, which is what we are hauling when we are on our own time.

We are based in Southern Utah and specialize in long- and short-distance hauling of trailers (horse and travel), fifth-wheel RVs, and boats. We drive a 2004 dually GMC pickup as our tow vehicle and we also make use of a 20-ft car-hauler trailer for transporting autos, motorcycles, or other collector vehicles.

And this is our new 26-foot enclosed trailer, to better serve those who want that "special auto" transported.

We will haul within state, or anywhere within the lower 48 States - from New York to California, from Florida to Washington, and anywhere in between. We carry $100,000 of cargo insurance and $1,000,000 of liability insurance, for the protection of our shippers. We deal with one shipper at a time, so great service is our primary goal.

Contact us for a competitive bid. We check e-mail daily, and phone messages daily when we are in town. If you leave a phone message and don't hear back from us within a day, send an e-mail - we are probably out making another shipper's (and soon-to-be new friend's) dream come true!

Thank You for your interest in Rofran Transport!

Robert and Frances

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Look at some of our more interesting hauls below, with reviews in the comments (as shippers post their reviews), or use the links on the sidebar to view hauls by type. Keep those comments coming!

Pace snowmobile trailer – Cedar City, UT to Carter, MT

We picked up this new 26' Pace snowmobile trailer from Jolley's Trailer Sales in Cedar City, UT for delivery to Carter, MT. (If you want a great deal on a trailer check them out 435-867-1990, talk to Danny, he will save you money ... I know: I've bought 3 trailers from him myself.)

The couple we delivered it to were going to use it while moving to Alaska. They had made a deal with the Alaskan owner to deliver the trailer the rest of the way for free, as long as they could transport their belongings in the trailer, a sweet deal for both parties. From what they told me, its hard to find trailers in Alaska, so when people can find someone going up, they try to get them to transport a trailer.


Thursday, October 09, 2008

32-ft Montana 5th Wheel

We picked up this 2003 Montana 5th wheel trailer from Swain's Creek, near Cedar Breaks, Utah, and hauled it to Cedar City for overwintering. This client is a repeat customer, as we deliver his trailer in the spring and pick it up in the fall every year so he and his wife can enjoy an easy getaway during the summers. A trailer is an economical alternative to building a cabin and having to winterize it at these higher altitudes.